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Gift Certificates at BellyDance Land

BellyDance Land offers gift certificates that can be used for classes and articles sold in class such as coin hip scarves and finger cymbals.

Just select the desired amount and easily make your purchase using a regular credit card or Paypal. Please provide the name and e-mail address for the individual who will be redeeming the gift certificate. More information on how gift certificates work.

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Gift Certificates at BellyDance Land


"Cris, I just watched some of your belly dancing videos. You are truly amazing and such a beauty to watch! Your classes are fun and easy to follow. You are one of the sweetest and best teachers I have had the privilege of learning under, and I can't wait to learn more from you. I hope to see more videos soon!!"

- Atina Manvelian

"I'd like to say thank you SO much for a wonderful "Wings of Isis & Veil" workshop! I had a SUPERB time! I liked how you first split the workshop up into the section of solely mastering specific veil and wings techniques, and only afterwards we got to put the techniques together with the choreography. By the way, I have to say that the choreography was absolutely AMAZING!!! Overall the workshop was very informative, interactive, fun and inspiring! Keep it up!"

- Aida Mustacich

"You are so wonderful, and I truly want to have the opportunity to have a class with you again - sooner than later. I have been drawn to "wings" for quite some time, and my first time ever wearing a pair was at your workshop! I hope you have another workshop or class that I can attend!"

- Sara Sorensen

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop and the dance choreography was so beautiful....we have to practice it soon before so we don't forget it. Cris, you danced so beautifully at Soho. I always love watching you!"

- Denise Berdan

"Thank YOU for teaching our class! You're an excellent teacher and you provided such great support and inspiration!"

- Coni Edick

Belly Dance Group Classes in Goleta and Santa Barbara

Study with Cris! in 2015

Mondays :: Wednesdays

Cris Basimah! Belly Dance TeacherGOLETA :: UCSB
New! Mondays :: January 12th - March 16th, 2015

no class on January 19th and February 16th

bullet Beginner Level: 6:30 - 7:45 pm

This beginner class, part 3 (*) of the classical belly dance cabaret format, will introduce Drum Solo technique, focusing on fast and sharp movements and using the basic concepts of body isolations (hips, shoulders, head and chest).

Students will also learn how to play finger cymbals (aka zills or segat) as well as some Middle Eastern rhythms commonly used in drum solos.

(*) Students are not required to take parts 1 or 2 before attending this class.

Class requirement: finger cymbals (available for sale in class).
Bar code: 7222

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Class Location

UCSB Campus
Rob Gym - room # 2320 (upstairs)

What to wear

Please refer to information below.

Fee and Registration

Student Fee: $44.00
Non-Student Fee: $48.00

You must register via UCSB. Go to the class page to register online (click on Gaucho REC and then Dance on the left menu) or call (805) 893-3738 for office hours to do it on Campus.

Wednesdays :: Santa Barbara area

Wednesdays :: Classes will start in February - dates and programs TBA

Class Location

Gustafson Dance Studio (Gail Towbes Center for Dance building. Free parking) - see map
2285 Las Positas Road
Santa Barbara, California 93105

Fee and Registration

4-class package (per session) - $56.00
3-class package (per session) - $48.00
Drop-in - $20/class

To complete your registration please choose one of the options below:

1) Registration in Advance: Paypal or any regular credit card (*):

Select below:

2) Registration in class: Cash, check or credit card (*).

Cris! is accepts credit card payments via Paypal (*) in class! If you wish to register using your Paypal account you'll need the following:

(from Paypal's website) ... customer will need the PayPal phone app. Once the app is downloaded and opened, nearby merchants appear in the Shop tab.
After locating your business name and tapping it, your customer will swipe a finger from left to right to "Check In" to your store.

3) Gift Certificates - must be purchased one day before attending the desired class (*).


(*) A convenience fee of 3% will be added to purchases done using Paypal or credit cards.

All fees are non-refundable. Exceptions may be made by instructor under extraordinary circumstances at instructor discretion.

Use Gift Certificates to pay for classes!

BellyDance Land offers gift certificates in various amounts that can be used for group and private classes and articles sold in class such as coin hip scarves and finger cymbals (while supplies last). Just use the "buy now" button on this page (on the right column) or visit our gift certificate page.

Share BellyDance Land gift certificate with your friends and family!

What to wear

First, a smile! You're supposed to have fun in class. Wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose so you and the teacher can see the moves on your body: workout or yoga pants, a tank top, tee-shirt or a leotard, and a hip scarf for your hips. Coin hip scarves will be available for purchase in class.

Most dancers enjoy dancing barefoot. But for those who wish to wear foot covering, I suggest soft-soled dance shoes like ballet slippers and jazz shoes (Hermes sandals is also an option).

Liability Release

New students are required to fill out and sign an agreement and release from liability before they start taking classes (minors must have form signed by parent/guardian). If you'd like to fill out this form before coming to class (saves time!), just click on the following links to download the form: Microsoft Word or PDF. UCSB students are not required to provide this release.

Come explore the beautiful world of middle eastern dance in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment!

For more information, e-mail Cris! Basimah at cris @ (just remove the spaces around @ ) or call (805) 685-0058.

Workshops and Classes with Cris!

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